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Is ShapePoint a contract manufacturer?

Yes. ShapePoint is full-service China manufacturer with many strategic partnerships.  We specialize in providing turnkey solutions for our customers, from component production or procurement to complex assemblies all the way to final packaging and shipping.  When you deal with ShapePoint, you are dealing factory direct. This saves you money and dramatically decreases the possibility of communication errors.

What makes ShapePoint unique?

Over the years, ShapePoint has built a reputation of integrity by combining the cost advantages of factory-direct, overseas manufacturing with the peace-of-mind of an accountable, service-oriented firm. From large, international manufacturers to individual inventors and entrepreneurs, all of our clients have benefited from our unique, dualistic business structure.

ShapePoint employs a staff of bilingual project managers fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English who are responsible for overseeing all aspects of tooling, manufacturing, quality assurance, finish work and packaging. ShapePoint removes the language barrier and the worries of overseas manufacturing.

Can ShapePoint handle large, complex projects?

Absolutely. ShapePoint has gained a reputation for molding extremely complex parts while maintaining exact tolerances. We have earned the respect of our clients-both large and small-who demand uncompromising precision with every part.

Should I consider manufacturing in China?

Consider these four Factors:

  1. QUANTITY Volume is important when doing business in China. One of the first two questions we ask is, "What is your per order quantity?" and "What is the dollar value of each order?" As a guideline, any shipment having a manufacturing cost under $30,000 is not recommended as the savings may not mitigate the cost of shipping and set up fees.
  2. LABOR Allowing ShapePoint to handle labor-intensive products can really expand your profit margins. The more labor involved in assembling and packaging the product the more money ShapePoint can save you.
  3. ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Seventy percent of the world's electronics are now made in Asia, due to its extremely rich cluster of suppliers of electronic components. If your product is currently built with branded western components, ShapePoint can save you money using local high-quality equivalents.
  4. TOOLING ShapePoint can save you a significant amount of money on tooling. If tooling amortization is high because you make only 1,500 units per year you should seriously consider outsourcing your tooling to ShapePoint.

Will manufacturing in China save me money?

If the factors above are considered, then the answer in general is "Yes!" ShapePoint's tooling costs alone are dramatically lower than domestic prices.

How do we start the process of receiving a quote?

Simply fill out the "Request for Quote" form with as much information as you have. Make sure you have fully dimensioned electronic CAD files for ShapePoint to quote from. This is an absolute requirement for accurate pricing and estimates.

Do you have references?

Yes. ShapePoint has been serving a diverse collection of national and international manufacturers, design firms and individual inventors for a decade. We have many excellent references and can provide them upon request.

Is the lowest price the "best deal"?

It probably isn’t, especially in China. You generally get what you pay for, and it's possible that a low price could be a sign of inexperience, inferior materials or a company that won’t be around for long. Companies that plan to stay in business must charge enough for their products and services to cover their costs, plus a fair profit margin. Therefore, price should not be the only consideration; quality, longevity of partnership and open lines of communication should rank high on the list of things to consider.


• We have our own manufacturing facility in China
• Domestic quality / accountability at overseas prices
• U.S. project managers
• Highly trained engineering staff
• Comprehensive tooling capabilities
• Production of metal and poly-resin parts
• PCB fabrication and assembly
• Quality assurance guaranteed
• Download our free e-guide:
“7 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Sourcing in China


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