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A quick look at a few of ShapePoint's China Blow Molding projects with descriptions:

Blow Molded - Hunting Decoys

Hunting Decoys Here, plastic imitates reality with amazing precision. ShapePoint provided a complete manufacturing solution from blow molding to custom detail painting. Marketed as the toughest, most realistic decoys available..

Blow Molded - Bottle

Rocket Bottle The Rocket Bottle is a sports drink bottle aerodynamically designed to fly like a rocket. Some of the challenges with this project were getting the fins proportionally correct to allow aerodynamic stability while keeping within the restraints of the injection blow molding process. After working closely with the customer and the injection blow molder we were able to come up with the right ratio of height and width to successfully blow the bottle.

Flying Bottle design owned by Xymbiot Inc. image used with permission. ZIMBI flying bottle, Patent Pending, XYMBIOT inc. All rights reserved.

Blow Molded - Sip Stream

Sip Stream The Sip Stream is a water bottle with a twist. It has a revolutionary design that allows cyclists to drink water from the bottle on the go, there’s no longer any need to carry water on your back or to use your hands to pull the bottle from the cage, just bite, suck and hydrate. Shape Point worked closely with one of its industrial design partners and the customer to get this product to the market. It required processes from multiple disciplines such as; plastic blow molding, plastic injection molding and compression silicon molding.



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